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We got in to Berlin late in the afternoon.  Our room wasn’t ready so we hung upstairs at the Soho House.  I have a love/hate relationship with the Soho House.  The location is great in Berlin but there are so many things that drive me crazy.  We had a few snacks to tide us over to dinner.

waterWe returned to Grill Royal.  We were there years ago.  The food is simple.  Located on the water which is really nice.  We had some salads and shared a grilled fish.  Walking back was the key to getting on the time zone.

sohohousstoreI was on my own the next day.  There is a new store in the Soho House that is really well done.  Coffee, food, clothing, ceramics, etc.  A concept shop done well.  I spent a little bit of time in there before starting on the day.

marketI have been here so many times I figured to explore somewhere that I have not been.  I’ve wanted to go to the Thursday Night at Markthaull Neun but never seem to get there.  It appears to be open during the day but not really.  Very few places are open but I am glad I checked it out.  Gives you an idea of what it would be like if the place was rocking.

dongI hemmed and hawed on what to do next.  I was curious about the Dong Xuan Market so I decided to go.  Four halls basically filled with shlock.  It is what the lower east side was years ago.  In here there are loads of cheap clothes, barber shops and fake flowers.  There is also some food.

soupMy research told me that the best place was at the front of the 3rd terminal called Duc Anh.  There is a newer looking place in the front of terminal 2 but I went with the one written about.  The thing to order is Pho Bo and the Bun Cha.  Way too much for one person but I could have a few nibbles.  Both good not great but the place is an interesting part of the Berlin landscape.  This is the Pho Bo.  Simple broth with noodles, thin slices of beef and a need to put in a bunch of spicy chili sauce.

bonHere is the Bun Cha.  Small pieces of fried pork, almost bacon like, that you wrap in the lettuce and add mint, basil and dip into the sauce and add a few noodles.

stairsNext stop was the Berlinische Gallery.  Dedicated mostly to architecture and art.  This particular exhibit was all about the architecture of the 60’s.  I loved this staircase in the middle of the museum.

chocolateI continued to walk over to a few galleries.  Nothing amazing but fun to walk in.  Continued over to Mitte, a higher end area of Berlin, and walked through Fessbender & Rauch.  This chocolate store has been around a long time

onesideI hit up a few stores that I have been in to over the years as I walked all the way back to the Soho House to relax. Here is what saw on the walk.  This is exactly what Berlin has looked like for the past few years.  On one side is the old.

othersideThe other side is massive construction.  My guess is this will continue for years to come.

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  1. William Mougayar

    “there are so many things that drive me crazy” – what are some of these things 🙂 ?

    1. Gotham Gal

      they are a hotel but not really.

  2. pointsnfigures

    So much history in Berlin, good and terrible. Great spy novel about WW2… Doublecross, about double agents. Would be interesting to walk the streets they mention and see if the buildings survived.

  3. awaldstein

    Berlin has changed as much as a city as some neighborhoods have here.Buddy runs a series of wine markets across Europe and is coming to Berlin next year. When we talked about the next tier of city, Berlin was the top of the list.Safe travels!

    1. Gotham Gal

      It’s a must come to. We continue to return and discover more each time