Last day in Paris…and a long two weeks

I did a lot of walking today.  Went to some local haunts which is always a bonus too.  I started the day out at Cafe Flore with a baguette, an egg and coffee.  It was sunny, a little hot, but kind of perfect.

sopuI strolled over to Bon Marche, my favorite department store, and picked up a few items before meeting one of my investments, Meghan Conroy from Captureproof at Cuisine de Bar.  A trip to Paris with out Cuisine de Bar is hard to do.  Today I opted for the cold soup to start.  Usually go for the salad but somehow soup just sounded perfect.

sandwichHad the tomato and goat cheese tartine that I have had countless times before.  Had a little bit before taking the pic.

chocolatesThen we walked and talked.  Meghan had been a photographer in Paris 5 years ago and it was her first trip back.  She has been working 24/7 for almost 3 years.  Taking off time was well deserved and needed. She will return to SF with a whole new attitude.  We walked from the 6th all the way to the Bastille in the 11th.  A good hour and a half walk.  We strolled by the galleries.  Stopped in a few chocolate shops.  Made our way over to her friend who is a designer, Jamin Santanen.  We tried on clothes and just had fun.

It was time for me to go, had a call to jump on and needed to relax before heading out for dinner later that night.  We went to Cherche-Midi.  Two restaurants on the same block for me that day.  I have known about Cherche-Midi forever but have never gone.  It has been around for years and supposedly have the best Italian food in the city.  The place was packed.  The tables are so tight that two women sitting next to us couldn’t stand the space limitations and left.  Big mistake on their part.  Dinner was delicious.

burrataWe split the burrata and prosciutto.

pastaBucatini with a simple cold red sauce.  I liked how they did it.  They put the cold sauce on top of the warm noodles.

vealLast was veal marsala with seasonal vegetables on the side.

soldesA quick trip in Paris but always a good one regardless of the taxi strike on Thursday.  It is also the time of the year in Paris where everything is on “soldes”.  Can’t beat that.  Back to NYC and summer begins.

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  1. awaldstein

    Welcome back.Thanks for sharing the trip.Pic of Bucatini with red sauce is not helping me through my cleanse today!

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. ellen

    Always enjoy having you share your gastronomic adventures. Safe flight home.