Second day and last day in Charleston

mapI had a different plan today.  We were going to try and get local.  It was only later in the afternoon where we ended up for lunch where the locals go.  There was a supposed greenmarket but it appeared from everyone we asked that I was the only person who seemed to think it existed so we ended up just going directly to breakfast.  Dixie Supply Bakery Company.  A hole in the wall.  We went with the specials.  How could we not?  People come from afar to come here.  This map allows you to pin where you came from.

frenchtoastWhen is the last time you had stuffed french toast with almost 1/2 cup of sweet buttered cream cheese on top with blueberries?  Not sure what to say here except yes I ate it.

tomatopieTomato pie.  Slices of tomatoes, loads and loads of cheese, green onions and a dense crust that was soft and kind of addictive.

ninastoreAfter waking up at 4am in the morning with a slight food coma I was a little concerned about how we started the day off.  It was time to walk.  We strolled through a different area of the old town.  We stopped in this small store that carries local ceramic artists.  The woman who owns the store was weeks from retiring.  Her story was fascinated.  Should have interviewed her for Woman Entrepreneur.   We both both something.

vaseI got a beautiful large red bowl and this vase.

alleywayWe strolled through this alleyway as continued on.

cusiositiesThe other store besides the Common that I wanted to see was Curiosity.  Another locally curated store of antiques, candles and soaps.  Such a nice owner and just a great shop.

SRONext shop was SRO, another local artisans shop.

finepoultry and oystersWe began to get hungry.  Shocking.  We jumped in a taxi and made our way over to Leon’s Oyster Shop.  Their tag line is Poultry and Oysters.  Two of my faves.  Leon’s is fantastic.

leonsAn old garage that was turned into a restaurant only one year ago.  The vibe is super cool with vintage pieces abound, an outdoor area, a HUGE bar and a solid menu with an edgy feel.  We went overboard here but it was all really delicious.

bathroomWhoever did the bathroom was super clever.

bloodyWe had to split the bloody mary that was just perfect.  Spicy with the perfect kick of horseradish.

oystersThe oysters came from 5 different areas.  We tried them all.  Probably should have stuck with local only because they happened to be the biggest, briniest and creamiest of all.

radichioGrilled radicchio that was just charred enough to have some of the lettuce crispy and another part burnt.  Over the top was a tangy yogurt sauce with golden raisins, mint and hazelnuts.  Really delicious.

clamLettuce wraps are always good.  This one had lightly fried clams, pickled vegetables spicy mayo and freshly cut herbs.

saladSiam salad.  This was so good.  Refreshing, crunchy, tasty and just perfect.  Chopped napa cabbage with avocado, peanuts, pieces of orange and fried shallots.  The dressing was a simple mixture of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and sambal (fresh chili paste).  Could be the new salad at the Wilson house this summer.

brusselsDeep fried brussels sprouts covered with red wine vinegar and piperade (a spicy mixture of peppers and onions that had probably been pureed).  Insanely good.

chickenHow can you go to the South and not eat fried chicken?  This chicken had been soaked in something for two days and then deep fried.  Off the charts.

fishfryA fish fry.  This was heaven.  Each piece was just perfectly fried, super light and flavorful.  Hushpuppies, shrimp, oysters, fish and a side of black eyed pea salad.  We just continued.

shrimpOur waiter was charming.  He mentioned that they also make shrimp that has been marinated for two days and then peeled with a spicy mayo sauce.  Really?  How come we didn’t see it on the menu?  Could we just have one each?  He brought them out.  We were so full but spent the rest of the day saying how we should have ordered a basket after we found out.  Divine.  Leon’s was incredible.

butcherandbeeWe walked back down King Street and passed a few spots that I have read about.  Butcher & Bee.  Sandwiches, salads, etc.  Really cute inside.

dailyThe Daily was another place we wandered into.  Coffee, food, CSA deliveries…a local new fangled diner.

peachWe each bought a Lucky Peach magazine for the plane and the first peach of the season.  Flavorful and insanely juicy.

fabricsThere is a lot of construction on King Street.  There is always a bunch of super old school places too.  This store has everything from oil fabrics to pins.  Walking back in time.

calliresI screwed up and didn’t realize that Callie’s biscuits closes at 2pm.  The one place I really wanted to check out.  They couldn’t have been nicer and let us come in and get a t-shirt.  When we got on the plane I got on line and ordered some of their wares to show up in the city this week.  Couldn’t help myself.

beerThe plane was ridiculously delayed.  We caught up on work and took it easy.  We got on the plane, then they made us sit forever.  Some got off and some of us just sat on the plane to wait.  We sat and enjoyed a beer.  It was kind of the perfect finale.

Great trip!




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  1. ellen sing

    That fried chicken and fresh oysters and shrimp and salads are just too much yumminess to take this morning. I love to vicariously dine with you.

  2. LE

    The last time I was able to eat the kinds of foods that you eat on a regular basis was probably in my early 20’s. In college I worked at a law firm part time and remember an older lawyer (ha was probably about 32!) marveling at the juicy steak sandwiches I would have for lunch that he couldn’t eat. You realize you are lucky to be able to enjoy all of this, right? And even more lucky that you have the will power to not overdo things? I have the will power, but don’t need it since eating the variety of food that you eat isn’t something that I can even come close to considering doing.Of all of the above, my “death row” wish is:When is the last time you had stuffed french toast with almost 1/2 cup of sweet buttered cream cheese on top with blueberries? Not sure what to say here except yes I ate it.

  3. pointsnfigures

    It is hard to do great fried chicken. One of my “missions” when I go to New Orleans is to find the best fried chicken. Dookey Chase’s is my fav, but I have yet to try Willie Mae’s Scotch House. The fried chicken in your photo looks pretty good. Not too “bready” and looks like it would be very juicy.

    1. Gotham Gal

      It was perfect.

  4. JLM

    .You get your heirloom silver — when you have more than two girls in the family — on King Street.You get your ties — pink pants, red seersucker pants, Bill’s Khakis — at Ben Silver.You get your whiskey at Charleston Distilling Company — try “Tolerance”.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…