The changing landscape of music and education

images-1I spent the first semester of my junior year in college in London.  It was an incredible experience.  It was the first time I had been outside of the US.  It began my life long obsession with travel and that includes traveling in my own home town.  I made it a point to spend one day a week exploring new neighborhoods and going to a new museum.  It opened my eyes to the world.

The other thing to note that back then music traveled slower.  What was the latest and greatest that semester became the latest and greatest the semester I returned to Boston.  There was a delay of about six months in jumping over the Atlantic.  Now of course there is zero delay.  You can find and listen to music from all over the globe on Soundcloud and other music sites.  Technology has given musicians a platform to share their sounds with the world without having to land a deal with a record label.  Their audience might be huge or small and community can be built around that.

One thing that I was always fascinated by while I lived in England was how the country bred so many musicians.  Was is because of the education system?  I always thought it had to do with the youths reaction to the economy.  Britain’s first king was back in 924.  So the history is long.  At one point Britain ruled the world with their fingers in colonies throughout the globe.  Art comes from within but no doubt art can be reactionary to ones surroundings.

I happened to see this channel on NPR that highlights Americans from across the country playing their own music.  I doubt that there is anything on there that will go mainstream (although Death Cab for Cutie has a piece on there) but it is worth noting the surge of creativity happening across the US in music.  I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the curriculum being taught in our public schools but a reaction to the world around us.

We are seeing a lot of creativity this days from music, food, art and companies being built.  It is a combo of open platforms of technology to built on and the mortgage downfall in 2008.  Whatever the reason, it is something I have been thinking about.