One of the best things about NYC in the summertime is that you can pretty much walk into most restaurants and get a seat.  Toro is not far from our apartment but have yet to get there until now.  The place is huge so it is impressive how booked they have been.  Kind of has that 80’s big restaurant feel with a now decor.  There are two rooms.  One in the back were the kitchen is and then one in the back where the bar is.  They probably have 150 seats in there including the bar.  Toro is another restaurant that has come from Boston.  Supposedly the one in Boston is small and intimate like most tapas bars are.

jambonThe menu is really large.  My guess is there are some really amazing things and some just ok things.  I’d go back and try some different things and possibly sit at the bar next time.  Some of our tastes were really good while others were just ok.  We started with the classic Iberico Ham.  It was good  We should have ordered some cheese to go with it.  I would have been interested in trying other hams too.  They have them all.

spoonsOur next treat was a spoonful of caviar, sea urchin, quail egg and iberico jambon.  It was the egg that made everything come together.  Obviously rich but it all worked.

bocharonesWe are suckers for boquerones, aka marinated sardines.  When we are in Spain we attempt to eat them daily and sometimes twice a day.  These just did not cut it.  Super small, coated with a salty dressing.

tunaYellowfin tuna with soy, spicy cucumbers and an avocado cream.  The tuna wasn’t sliced right and that made it not as good.

octoBoiled and then grilled octopus with charred onions and tiny potatoes.  The potatoes were amazing.  Crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.  The octopus was meaty yet buttery and the onions on top worked.

duckDrum legs.  The concept is great but the duck was cooked too long.  Tasted a bit like pastrami.

sunsetWe strolled home (that was the point) just as the sun was setting.   It was ok not great but I’d go back and try a few other things.  There are probably some winners in there…perhaps the paella.

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  1. pointsnfigures


    1. Jess Bachman

      …take.. me.. with….

      1. pointsnfigures

        hahaha. will let you know when I go. What’s Barcelona like in December?

        1. Jess Bachman

          Dunno.. but probably has Toronto beat (where I am).

  2. Justin Fyles

    Been meaning to go to the NY one. Not sure if it is on the menu there, but the bone marrow on the Boston menu is one of my favorite preparations (though the serving has gotten smaller over the years).