Partpic at the White House

The White House had a demo day this week bringing in a handful of companies for Obama to see.  It might have been a press event but it does show that the White House is in touch with the next generation of founders and companies.  It was quite cool.

Barack+Obama+Weekly+Bucket+Aug+3+Aug+9+HhWVMCqpT3Tl (1)Jewel Burks, the founder of  Partpic was part of the day.  Here is the video.  Jewel and Jason both had the opportunity to talk to Obama and show him their stuff.  It is the first presentation.  It is worth watching all of them.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Etienne Fiset

    What an incredible motivation boost these entrepreneurs must have had!

    1. Gotham Gal

      totally. look at that HUGE smile on Jewel’s face.

      1. Etienne Fiset

        For the “skimmers”, Jewel and Jason are at 2:30. Notice also the question Obama asks them at the 4′ mark. I suspect that’s the #1 question Partpic’s prospect clients have on their mind too when they first hear about the product.