One of the best things about being in the city during August is getting into any restaurant is a lot easier than other times of the year.  PokPokNy is one I never got to when it first opened.  The lines were insanely long.  Now they take reservations for half the restaurant and walk-ins for the other half.  I really like that approach.  I also forgot how much I love Thai food.

The restaurant has a great neighborhood vibe with checkered table clothes, a nice long bar, plastic plates and a friendly staff.  The food is delicious.  I am definitely going back…sorry it took me so long to get there.  There were four of us and I do recommend going with a group so you can taste more.  A sharing kind of place.

drinkI went for the Singha beer but one of us had a cocktail.  There are a bunch of them.  Kind of love the glass it came in.

ribsThe food comes out when it is done.  First thing out was the pork ribs.  Pork ribs marinated in soy, honey, ginger and Thai spices.  The meet comes off the bone.  Delicious and sticky on the fingers.

stickyriceSticky rice comes to the table in these little baskets.  Perfect for sopping up some of the heat of the other dishes we were about to get.

curryThis is a Northern Thai curry so it is relatively mild although there are plenty of things on the table to heat it up.  This was delicious.  A perfect balance of coconut, curry paste, pickled vegetables, greens, noodles and chicken.  I would have been happy to have this whole thing to myself.

porkbellyAnother Northern Thai curry.  Sweet pork belly with ginger, tamarind and palm sugar.  Delish.

chickenThey are known for their wings.  Crispy deep fried fish sauce and sugar wings.

steadFlank steak salad with fish sauce, lime and chili powder, shallots, lemongrass and cilantro.  Spicy.

mangoDessert should be called for in advance.  We got the last plate of this.  Sticky sweet coconut rice with slice mangos.  Wow.

Returning for sure!

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  1. pointsnfigures

    trying that steak thing at home. that sounds good. I love to see what countries do with steak. Argentina has chimmichurri, florentine porterhouse in Italy, parsley butter in France.

  2. Jeff Jones

    It’s been on my list – food looks incredible. I recommend Kao Soy in Red Hook if you haven’t been.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Have not. Will add to my list

  3. daryn

    I’ve been to the Portland location several times, so delicious! The Pok Pok cookbook is really good too, FYI. Oh, and their drinking vinegars make for excellent home made cocktails or just a splash in soda water on a summer’s day.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I have their cookbook. Might have to make a few things