Bruno Pizza

brunoBruno Pizza is a new addition to the east village.  The menu is based on locally sourced food and they even make their own flour for their pizzas.   The flour is make from whole wheat berries.   The other addition is the 20% tip is including in the price at the end so no tipping.  I am a fan of that policy.  The service was really good.

platesPizza is rarely something I go out for and so when I do I really want it to be amazing.  I was not so wowed by Brunos.  The plating is beautiful on every dish that came out but nothing had that omg punch I wanted to have.  Everything was just ok.  The flavors were all mild, nothing packed a punch.  I did love these plates on every table.

beetsWe started with the beets.  Beets topped with sunflower greens, pieces of plum and a little bee pollen.

veggiesGreen market crudite, mostly radishes at this time of the season, sitting over a gorgonzola butter that had been mixed with black garlic and topped with a few gooseberries.

localsquidGrilled local squid sitting on charred onions with a hint of chili and some wild sumac.

ndujaWe had two pizzas.  Nduja; spicy pork, roasted cauliflower and tomato.

mushroomThe other was local mushrooms, bechamel, chives and chilies.

agnolottiPastas were beautiful.  Agnolotti with squash, chanterelles and hazelnut.

cavatappiCavatappi topped with smoked bone marrow, clams, collards, bacon and dill.  This just did not work.

The restaurant just opened so they are honing the flavors.  Dishes are beautiful but I am looking for an intensity of flavors that is lacking.  The other thing is the lighting is way too bright.  Can someone just add a dimmer switch to bring it down a notch for dinner?


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  1. pointsnfigures

    the crust looks pretty decent.

    1. Erin


  2. Emily Steed

    Thanks for sharing this! I love your food notes and observations. Maybe worth a try after they iron out some kinks. Looks like they are trying to make it interesting, from the photos.

  3. CCjudy

    I lived in east village near Fillmore E on 12th and second – where is this restaurant? I will visit my home early next year!

  4. awaldstein

    Pizza is in many ways the perfect food even for this health fanatic.Still love the raw farm egg pizza at ABC Kitchens.And the combo of reasonably priced bubbly and great pies at Marta spoke to me.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Marta is really good

      1. awaldstein

        This has just made me want to head back next week and enjoy it again.Their huge innovation on the wine front is pairing sparkling as the entry wine to a pizza menu.Trade talk is that they have been hugely successful with this.