ode to my favorite Farmer’s Market on the east end

balsamfarmsBalsam Farm’s is my favorite farm stand on the east end of Long Island.  I go to the farmer’s market every Friday but I go to Balsam’s every day.  I will miss them when I return to NYC.

tomatoesI took a bunch of photos on my last visit.  I missed the corn but otherwise I got it all.  Tomatoes.


tinytomatoesCherry tomatoes – those golden cherry tomatoes are the best.  Beans etc.

berriesBerry bar

pearsStarting of fall – pears and apples

whitepeachesWhite peaches have been delicious this year

saladsBags of greens

herbs:greensHerbs and root vegetables.

fridgeRefrigerator filled with eggs, local cheese and more


cannes:mozzCheckout consists of canned items, basil and the ultimate fresh mozzarella which tastes like no other

My first stop next summer!