Boros Berlin bunker and more

hotelwithnumbersSundays are still tough in Europe.  Places close down.  Not all of them but many.  We took our time getting out that morning.  The main event of the day was going to be the Berlin Boros Bunker.  We began the morning wandering over there.  We all liked how this hotel had the numbers of the rooms on the outside of the blinds.

beltsThere was this group of stores open.  This one you pick your belt and buckle and they make it for you.

Then we got to the bunker.  This phone is on the wall when you walk in and it is the only photo I took.

imgresThe building was built in 1943 for air-raids.  The walls are 6.5 feet thick.  In 1945 it became a prisoner of war camp.  Then in 1949 it was used to store textiles and in 1957 it went on to store fruits.  Fast forward, through the summer of 1992-95 it became a hard-core techno club.  In 1996 it remained closed until 2003 when Christian Boros purchased the building to house his private collection of art (over 700 pieces and growing) and built a penthouse to live on the top.

imgres-1You have to make a reservation to tour the place.  They say no pictures because they do not want to stop the flow of the 1.5 hour tour.  Every four years they do a new installation.  What we are was the third year of the second installation.  Here is one thing one of us shot but I also found on line.  This machine has been popping popcorn for 3 years.  The installation as a whole is impressive of collection of work that is best being described by a curator.

palaceAfterward we walked by the Presidents palace before heading directly to dinner.

barWe tried to get into this bar first.  It was closed but I did like the rules.

orangekatzdessertThen we had dinner at Katz Orange where we have eaten before.  It is such a great spot.  Here is a pic of dessert.

kadewaThe following day started out at KaDiWe, their department store.  The food hall is incredible.  This is a photo of the top floor which is more like a cafeteria.

cigmachineA cigarette machine.  Didn’t realize they still existed.

beerLunch was all about the beer.

maskstoreContinued walking.  This mask store was amazing!  I was very into Halloween when the kids were younger so this time I just looked.

coffeestoreAn insane coffee shop with every possible gadget you can imagine.

imgres-2Dinner at Alpenstuck.  Real deal Austrian food.  Simple, clean, modern design.

schnitzelThe schnitzel was top.

applestrudalSo was the apple streudel with vanilla sauce.

That wrapped up the few days in Berlin with friends who came for the first time.  Big fan of this city.


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  1. pointsnfigures

    Love the belt buckle thing. When we were in Europe since Sundays were slow we actually went to church just to see. On consecutive Sundays, we were in St. Peter’s (Rome), Notre Dame (Paris) and St. Paul’s (London). I am not Catholic or Episcopalian but it was interesting nonetheless. I need to get to Berlin, and Munich.

  2. Stuart Willson

    Hey, Joanne, photos of your night at Berghain, tomorrow perhaps? 😉

  3. CCjudy

    Do you know name of the coffee store in Berlin? Thank you! from Judy

    1. Gotham Gal

      I believe it is Keyser Soze

  4. lynnlyyap

    Do you happen to have the name of the belt buckle place?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Hoffnung Berlin

  5. Brittany Laughlin

    Advice on how to explore galleries on an upcoming trip to Berlin? Looking for galleries with art from emerging artists and galleries geared towards new art collectors.Also, tips on getting a tour of the bunker would be divine!

    1. Gotham Gal

      You can book the bunker on line in advance.I can get you names of who to use to take you around the galleries in Berlin. My friend found them.