Is the imposter syndrome generational?

images-1An imposter syndrome is the inability to see your own success.  It is chronic self-doubt about success even though the opposite is true.

We created a slack for WeFestival and I was curious what people thought.  We just began so there wasn’t a lot of people chiming in but one person made a comment that make me wonder if the imposter syndrome is generational.

Do people (particularly women) feel that if they had not lived up to their expected trajectory for themselves begin to feel unsuccessful because they took a different path or they didn’t hit their milestones.  How many people actually achieve the path they set forth at 20 years old?

I am sure that some do but I certainly took more than a few turns to get to where I am today.  I was completely disconnected from reality at 20 years old.  I didn’t think anything through.  I just assumed that I would run a major company, be tremendously successful, make tons of money and of course have three kids who miraculously would just grow up.  I didn’t even think that about how I would take care of our kids while running the world.  I just assumed it would all neatly fit into a package.

I have had an issue with the imposter syndrome until the last few years as I talked to someone to come to terms with it.  I’d be curious what other people think about this.  Is it more a female thing?  Do women in their 20’s have the feelings of imposter syndrome?  Or women in their 30’s and 40’s?  It is certainly a reality but I wonder where it comes from in different people.