Museum Moderne and Montmartre

ianJessica installed the work of Rachael Rose and Ian Cheng at the Museum Moderne this week in the show called C0-Workers.  We wanted to go the day it opened.  The installation is a mixture of artists from around the world who grew up with mobile phone systems and on the web.  Their creative work uses technology as their foundation.  It is really interesting to see the work coming from this new breed of artists.  The piece above is Ian Cheng’s.

roomofartWhen you walk into the museum there is this room with an incredible mural.  The museum has been under construction and the place looks really great now.  A facelift well deserved.

warholThe other exhibit there is called Warhol Unlimited.  Didn’t love the show but there is one room that is pretty amazing.  Warhol had been commissioned to create 100 pieces around shadows.  He produced 108.  Although the one thing about Warhol you never know who really produced them.  It was pretty spectacular to see them all hanging.  It took two rooms to show.

Then we went over to Montmartre.  I had seen an article in the NYTimes about a street in an area that is the base of Montmartre.  The area is changing like many urban neighborhoods are.  This particular street has had a crop of individual high end one product shops open.  It was fun to take a look at them after reading the article.  Fred took the article and put it into a Foursquare list.  Here is the reality of the experience on Rue des Martyrs.

salmonThis store specializes in salmon.

painpainPain Pain has bread and beautiful pastries.

madelinesMadeline carries only madelines.  They have a variety of flavors.  The larger ones have creme inside.  Perhaps a new trend?

patisserieSebastian Gaudard…pastries, jams, macaroons etc.

lunchstoreHere is one thing to keep in mind.  Many of these shops are closed between 230-330.  I haven’t seen the in awhile.  Very old school.  We ended up sitting outside a small gourmet shop and having something to eat while waiting for the stores to open.

quichAmazing quiche and tomato tart.

meatsLes Grands d’Espange is run by two women.  The hams are beautiful.  I also loved the packaging  There are a bunch of bottles of anything from capers to roasted red peppers for the side to complete a dish.

jamsChambre aux Confitures is all about jams.  This is an incredible store and they ship overseas.  Unique flavors that are separated by season.  There are also chutneys and jellies.

chocolateHenri Le Roux is one of the many chocolate shops on this street.  Known not only for his chocolates but his butter caramels.  The smell in there was over the top.

honeyFamille Mary is all about honey.  I have to say I am a purist when it comes to honey.  Really not a fan of the heavy infused flavors.  I picked up simple orange blossom and acacia.

foiegrasThis store was incredible.  Cheese, pates, meats and foie gras.

peoplesWe walked by People Drugstore which had yet to open.  Simple concept; beer and chess.  Great idea.

greekThere is the Greek store.  You can walk in blindfolded and known it is a Greek store.

RAP EpicurieitalianThe Italian store at the end of the street is pretty delish too.

tartsThere are also more than a handful of patisseries on the street.  Each one smells better than the next.

fromagechatnagierA few incredible cheese stores too.


chickenOf course the classic chicken rotisseries with potatoes on the bottom.

bagThis street is just an incredible walk of divine food.  The person who wrote about it in the NYTimes is coming out with a book in November about the street, it is called The Only Street in Paris; Rue des Martyrs by Elaine Sciolino…and yes I pre-ordered it!   The photo of the bag is all our wares.  Looking back at all these photos it really is amazing how many delectable stores there are in really just a few blocks.

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  1. Jenna Abdou

    Love all of the pictures, Joanne!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with everyone.

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    Yes, your photos are really beautiful!

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    I know where I am AirBnB’ing next trip to Paris. If I lived there I would probably turn out like Mr. Creosote in Monty Python

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  4. Pranay Srinivasan

    OMG this is awesome. I am definitely staying here if and when I go to France!!! the beer and chess thingy is Amazing!!

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  6. jason wright

    how do these one product shops make it work? unbundling unbundled. i don’t like supermarkets.