On Yoga, Michael O’Neill

Our friend Michael O’Neill has photographed Presidents, celebrities, artists and alike over the course of his career for major publications from the New York Times to Rolling Stones Magazine to Vanity Fair.

Over a decade ago he had spinal surgery to repair damage to his neck from years of his trade.  That surgery left him paralyzed in his right arm.  He needed to repair himself.  His curious mind started him on a journey to heal himself through yoga.  The past decade he worked on this book that has now become a reality.  He traveled the world to understand yoga, meet the people behind these practices and in turn heal himself.  He is now physically fit he is spiritually sound.

His beautiful book really gives us a glimpse into a world that is unique, beautiful and spiritual.   So thrilled for Michael that he completed this project.  His deep connection with the people he met on this journey and his passion is recorded in everyone of these pages.  It is really worth getting.