Restructuring my time

imgresI know it is an extremely difficult thing to just no.  It is also tough to say this isn’t working for me or it is time for me to move on.  Most people let things linger or just say nothing at all.  I can’t do that.  It isn’t in my DNA.  Restructuring my time is just like getting through my list.  Otherwise they just hang over your head.

I joined a large board (non-profit) and I was very wary even when I said yes.  I was honored to be asked and intellectually is seemed really interesting.  I knew it wasn’t for me after the first meeting.  I stuck with it for a year but not going to each meeting.  I don’t like to have my name on something without doing the work.  I resigned after a year.  I wasn’t excited about going to a meeting.  That is a bad sign.

Large non-profit organizations usually get everything done in committees.  The Highline does a really good job at that.  I have been involved in three committees there and they have really been a help to the organization.  I am not good on large committees that just seem to be meeting just to meet.  I am not good at rules or following the purview handed to me.

There is another organization that I have been involved with forever and I am beyond proud of everything that has been accomplished while I was there.  The last board meeting I went to was just perfect.  If I was giving it a rating it would have been a 10.  Started on time, did an activity to get everyone on the board connected again, gave the latest and greatest updates with some exciting notes for the future, the whole senior team came and gave short updates too. The meeting ended on time.  It was a perfect storm.  My time was done.

I just got asked to be on another board.  I love what this organization is doing.  They have product fit.  Nobody has been able to figure out this product.  Am thinking about what the commitment means, and it is makes sense to do something else.  It is hard to say no.

I am invested in a bunch of companies who are really pulling out of the gate.  I sit on those boards.  I will probably exit a few.  It is time.  My work is not done but it is sometimes time to hand the wand over to the next.  New blood is needed.  It really comes down to me restructuring my time.  I don’t think I will be any less busy.  I will just be working on other things.

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  1. William Mougayar

    Our time is like a full bucket. To add something new, you must take something out.

  2. lisa hickey

    I can’t think of a meeting that I have dreaded going to where I’ve been effective. But when I’m excited to go to a meeting—things change there. That is worth remembering. Thanks for that insight.

  3. pointsnfigures

    dislike organizations where the meeting is done before the meeting and it’s just a formality.

    1. Gotham Gal

      welcome to the non-profit world.