Sunday in Paris

bfastSunday is not easy in Paris.  The key is going out to the flea market.  We went out there around 11 and had a bite at Cocottes.

restaurantcocoetteGreat space.

chickensThey were preparing for lunch later with these chicken rotisseries.  I have never seen chickens out like this just twirling in front of the heat.

bathroomThe restaurant has an amazing metal circular stair going down to this bathroom.

furrycouchHere are some highlights of what we saw.  Furry couch.

hangingthingHanging credenza.

denA tiny shop completely devoted to an office.

lampCool chandelier.

sconceRed glass sconces.

threeThought a lot about these three pieces but in the end we passed.

boatThis ship has four shot glasses in it and a bottle for scotch.

ipodNice speaker in one store.

couchNow this is a great couch for lounging.

taxidermyI do have a thing for taxidermy.

footballsOld footballs and medicine balls.

woodboxesOld wine and vegetable boxes.

buildingbuvettesThis space is super cool.  There is this one area that has high end curated shops including the restaurant Buvette.

nicoiseLunch was at Paul Bert.  Packed with families.  Nicoise salad.

lambWe ended the week with our friends at Semilla, second time back.  This lamb shoulder was for two.  Special that day. Over the top.

eclairsDessert was a deconstructed eclair.

locksWalking was needed and we headed down to the Seine.  The lock situation on the bridges is ridiculous.  Not sure when it amplified but I believe about 5 years ago.

nolocksI love that they are trying to educate everyone to love without locks.

Back for bed.  Our friends leave tomorrow morning and we head out Tuesday.



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  1. Jenna Abdou

    I have loved all of the photos, Joanne. Especially the ones of the food!! Thank you for sharing your trip with everyone!

  2. LE

    Have you ever attended the NY International Gift Fair? I was a kid my Dad was an exhibitor [1] (my uncle still is). It’s not for consumers, only businesses but obviously you can get in if you want.Very cool and full of things visually interesting. As kids we used to wander around at the end of the show and pickup whatever we could that the exhibitors threw out. I think you’d really like attending this show.[1] Back then it was called The NY Gift Show and was at the Coliseum

    1. Gotham Gal

      years ago. it was great

  3. Pranay Srinivasan

    JLM was right. I love showing up at your blog and drooling over all the pictures. Makes my day!