a week in the Dominican Republic

buildingentryWe basically chilled.  No memorable meals.  We mostly ate at our place.  It is easy to get to, the wind is always blowing hard, the humidity and the island pace forces you to slow down.  All good.

churchHere are a few highlights.  We went over to Altos de Chavon.  Crazy village built in 1976 to look like something out of the 19th century.

dmviewThe views of the river are spectacular.

tunaWe had a pretty good lunch at the Marina.  That and the pizzas was picked up one night because nothing because it ended up that the restaurant who told us we was open was not.

fishOne afternoon we went out for lunch at a beach to Captain Cooks.  Grilled seafood on the beach.  Just an activity.

2015-12-19 15.04.54Otherwise the trip was purely about doing nothing.  Reading books, hanging with the family and friends.  One week left before 2016 which we will spend in NYC.  I plan on staying in the island mode with very few activities around work.  A staycation seeing movies, art, new spots, napping and book reading.