Descriptions of men vs women

imgres-1There was a rousing conversation on a listserv I am on around the Hollywood Reporter list of the top 100 women in entertainment.  Hollywood Reporter got rid of the rankings but the descriptions of many powerful women who are household names were described as married mother of two to married mom.  What does that have to do with their career accolades?

I have been thinking about it all week.  Depending on where anyone is being acknowledged there full label changes.  When it came to our kids at school, my claim to fame was mother of Jessica, Emily and Josh.  I had zero problem with that because that was all that counted when it came to my “label” at school functions.

When it comes to being written about or acknowledgement in the tech sector it is usually noted as wife of Fred Wilson, venture capitalist.  Is it context for the reader or is it giving me some type of inheritance from my husband that I perhaps get the accolades because of my marriage to him?   I have yet to read any article that says Fred Wilson, husband of Joanne Wilson but there are many years ahead of us.

Let us not forget that even Gayle King asked Jessica Alba if Honest Company was a suitable fall back from her acting career and Susan Wojcicki if her 5 kids were all from one husband on stage at The Dreamforce Conference.  I am quite sure that Benioff of Salesforce and Travis Kalanick of Uber were asked anything surrounding their personal lives.

Business is business and there should be complete gender equality when it comes to information surrounding someone. In general women seem to be more open to discussing their personal lives when it comes to their kids.  If anyone asks me what I am most proud of it is certainly our three children and it is the first thing that comes to my mind when asked.  Maybe it isn’t for most men or maybe they are rarely asked.   The most important thing here is that if a woman is going to be defined by her personal life on a certain list or at an event than the men should be too.
I’d love to see a top 100 list of both men and women and only the men had after their names information about their families, their wives, their divorces, their scandals and all that with nothing behind the women except for their title.
Let’s see how men would react to that.