Kitchensurfing makes life easy

unnamedI invested in Kitchensurfing a few years ago.  It was the beginning of the “food” businesses that we began to see in abundance.  Ones to make our lives easier.  I always thought that the key to Kitchensurfing is to help busy people sit down with their family after a long day of work and enjoy a meal together without having to prep, cook and clean.  How civilized!  It’s a mission that has always fit with of how I feel about family meals.  You can read my Q and A on family meals here.

Kitchensurfing is now doing that and it is pretty brilliant.  I worked with their culinary kitchen on one of my greatest hits from my family meal repertoire.  They jazzed it up a little to make it work in 30 minutes and then I got to try it out.

A chef came to our house 30 minutes before the time I wanted to sit down for dinner.  She brought everything including her own pots and pans.  She prepared the meal, served us on our own plates and then left us to enjoy our dinner.  The kitchen was spotless when she left.  The only thing I had to do was to clean our dishes.  It was insanely civilized and enjoyable.

Chicken and broccolini with a little sage and charred lemon.   Salad on the side with grapes, almonds, manchego cheese, dried cranberries and a vinaigrette.

I highly recommend the service.  You can choose which menus you want for the week and next week you can have my recipe.  They come, they cook, they clean, they leave…and the food is delicious and just made.  Book it today.  Definitely better than delivery.