Women look at things differently.

imagesWhen I was young I always thought that men and women could compete head on, we were equals at every turn and I could do anything a man could do.  I understood that physically I wasn’t going to play pro-football at the same level (although I did play in a flag-football league in high school but that’s for another day).

There has been a lot of research of late on the topic of how women make decisions.  When women join a community online they tend to be quite loyal after opting in.  They do not make those decisions lightly.  They want to decide if the time spent reading something or being part of something is not only worth it but if they commit they want to commit.

I see it in investing too.  Women don’t just jump in on crowd-funding platforms as easily as their male counterparts.  They want to educate themselves first.  They read the business plan, talk to the founder, really think about the pros and cons of the business and think methodically about how they might be able to help the company they are investing in.

This behavior plays out in other areas from taking a job, to volunteering to sitting on a board.  The decisions women make are rarely knee jerk reactions but very thoughtful layered thinking.  That could be why the ROI on women founders is proving to be higher than those started by a man.

What we can learn from all of this is the importance of gender balanced businesses, boards, cap tables and anything we can possibly think of.  It is as important to have the person who jumps in with out a thought be counterbalanced with the person who pauses at every turn to ponder around one table.  It creates better teams.

There are times that I’d love to see more women just do it but I really do believe there is always a method behind everyone’s madness.  Perhaps the counterbalance of the way that women make decisions and look at things is what makes the world go around.