imgresCassia is not an easy reservation to get in LA.  Our friends were able to get us in.  The first seating was 530 but somehow she was able to get it to 630.  Although on the west side of LA people are generally eating earlier than later.

The “family style” share seems to be big in the new spots that we have been to since we arrived.  The issue is that family style only works when the plates are reasonably big.  The family style menus should have less options and you can get it for 2 or 4 or 6.  The size of the plate changes.  Sharing one of the multiple appetizers just doesn’t work when there are 2 bites.  Cassia actually worked perfect sharing everything for four.  I think because my experience has been that sharing plates have been on the small size is that we over ordered here.  Although the food is the best I have had (except for the superior sushi) since we got here.

pateWe began with the Vietnamese pate.  Rich tasty and the bread is delicious.

grilledcheeseKaya toast is the thing to order here.  Signature.  Decadent oozing grilled cheese sandwiches with a bowl of coconut jam and an egg on top.  Mix up the jam and egg and slather on top of the sandwich.  Honestly one piece of this is enough for lunch.  It is worth indulging in.

salmonSmoked salmon dip with pickled shallot, horseradish and grilled Country bread.  I used to make a salmon dip so I have to say I was happy to try this.  Lots of bread for a first course but we managed.

cauliflowerDeep fried cauliflower with a light crush to be dipped in fish sauces.  This was really delicious.

porkbellBeef cheek curry with jasmine rice, sambal, kaffir limes and peanuts. Lots of rich intense flavors.

broccoliA side of Chinese broccoli with a caramelized fish sauce.  On the lighter side and delicious.

beefcurryGrilled pork belly with pickled kolhrabi, carrots, herbs, green leaves and shrimp toast.  The pork just pulled apart and the lettuce made it almost like a deconstructed pork bun.

fishA whole grilled sea bass with tumeric and dill.  Really well prepared.  The fish had been deboned keeping the head and tail on.  Easy to serve.

All and all a really fun meal.  Definitely going back.  Other things on the menu to try!