Flying in to LA

LA2I flew into LA and instead of reading or grabbing on to those few last seconds that I can still get wifi,  I stared out the window.  There is something magical about flying into a city.  To see how the city is built, the size, the land underneath it, the traffic patterns or just to stare at an insanely beautiful skyline.

LAWhat is absolutely mind-blowing about flying into LA is not only the immense size but the concrete sprawl.  In the distance you can see downtown LA.  The buildings shoot up on the horizon.  Then the mountains jut up behind the city and believe it or not over those mountains there is a bit more sprawl.

LA1There are some trees, some swatches of greenery, pools, tennis courts, stadiums and then on the other side is a beautiful long beach that appears to travel forever.

I really like this city.  I just wish I could get around it easier.

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  1. jason wright

    Lost Angeles – where’s my map app?

  2. panterosa,

    Aerial views are so fun. I hope in the future to see a lot more green roofing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Me too

  3. Jeff Jones

    I can still remember my first flight sophomore year in college from Newark to London and the early morning mist hanging over the rooftops as we came in for a landing.

  4. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Never get tired of looking at the New York City skyline from the air as we come in for a landing. Night time is especially beguiling.Getting around L.A. is so crazy. My favorite visit was when I just parked myself in Santa Monica and walked to everything.

  5. LE

    Nice pictures!I really like this city. I just wish I could get around it easier.I would think that someone would come up with an air taxi service in LA which would cost effectively allow somone to hop around on a set schedule from heliport to heliport linked to uberesq ground transportation.

    1. Gotham Gal

      You would think so

      1. LE

        Reason why: In the past, if someone had this idea it would have be nixed based (among other things) on the lack of ground transportation from the heliport to a destination and back.But now with services like Uber that is not an issue anymore.Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before someone decides that parts missing previously are now available and it’s possible (at least as a semi luxury service).

  6. awaldstein

    I’m a New Yorker who seriously loves LA.It’s amazing but a nightmare to get around.In New York, I’m in Brooklyn in a snap by bike, by water, by subway.In LA, getting from Venice to BH is a nightmare often.What i do is try to live where I work and take advantage of the flexibilty of my schedule to take trips and hang in places for a day and avoid the long schlepp to simply do a dinner.Dinner at 7 somewhere away from the westside is just a pleasure killer for me mostly.It’s limiting but workable for me.Enjoy. It so so cold in NY today.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Today we are definitely enjoying the warmth

  7. jtsvino

    I hope you get to visit Santa Barbara occasionally. A world apart from LA. Drive distance ~100 miles (ie, around the corner, in CA).My wife and I were married in the mural room of the historic Spanish-style courthouse in Santa Barbara (http://www.santabarbaracour…. Celebrating our 30th Valentine’s Day together tomorrow, in Boston though, not SB. The courthouse has an observation deck, nice, not particularly high, check hours if you want to go up and/or see the mural room. Nice gardens outside the courthouse too, from where you can admire the asymmetry in the architecture. For really great views though, take a hike up the mountains, “Inspiration Point” was a popular first time hike.We lived next door to Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens (public, worth a visit, one-block city park – check out the sun dial which uses your own shadow at center of spiral path). Lots of nice beaches to walk, we liked the strip in front of the Santa Barbara Four Seasons Biltmore, actually in Montecito (which at the time had generally better restaurants than SB). If you like bikes there are lots of off-road bike paths, like the one I would take off to my job at UC Santa Barbara, which is actually in next-door town Goleta. A rare two-tower Spanish Mission, a good Botanic Garden in a ravine leading up toward the mountains, great CO poppy field.The wine country beyond the mountains is fantastic if you like wine. You hit Gainey Vineyards first as you go up San Marcos Pass Rd (RT 154), Gainey was worth a stop back in late 80’s. Sanford was another favorite, much further on toward Buellton. They’ve changed hands since when I knew them but the region still produces fantastic pinot and chard grapes. SB Pinot’s are special. I think I’ll be checking on flights soon!

    1. Donna Brewington White

      We get there every chance we can. The drive for us is little over an hour and yet feels a world away. Even though our youngest is now in high school, we still keep our zoo membership.

  8. pointsnfigures

    Love the weather. Love the ocean. Like the change, but I don’t know if I could live there. I hate traffic, and I like to do stuff on my bike or on foot-or public transportation. I really did like Laguna and Newport Beach last year though. Trying Austin this year

    1. awaldstein

      In LA simply live where you work and you are fine.I could live on the West Side again. Especially when it is 7 degrees out in NY today.

      1. pointsnfigures

        I empathize with your thoughts……a balmy 17 in Chicago this morning!

        1. awaldstein

          Yup about to head out and fighting to make myself do it.

  9. BellaBoo

    Love LA, but just some perspective!

    1. jason wright

      they found each other.

  10. jason wright

    does LA have a subway system?

    1. Gotham Gal

      a small one but they just built a rail system that is going to open in may. it is a start and hopefully over time it will spread out.

  11. Donna Brewington White

    As much as I love visiting other places, landing at LAX, I always fall in love with LA all over again. I drive home along PCH to take in the view of the Pacific. It never grows old.

    1. AMT Editorial Staff

      We think flying into Portland, Oregon is even better. The trees….and trees and green. Lovely.

    2. Cam MacRae

      Funny. I cannot abide LAX. That airport is so awful I try and avoid LA entirely.

  12. jim forbes

    easy LA transportation in three words ” three-wheeled Vespa” I get around La quite easily on mine