is it time to bring back the ERA?

imgresRaise your hand if you remember when the ERA was not ratified in 1979 due to 5 states rescinding their ratification.  I do.  I remember how upset my Mom was and how it just seemed so impossible that in 1979 there were not equal rights.  It was Phyllis Schlafly, a highly educated (Washington University and Radcliffe) right wing conservative who mobilized other conservative women because she felt that by passing this law that it would disadvantage housewives.  Frightening is the only word that comes to mind.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to the Notorious RGB at a small dinner and this came up.  What is amazing about RGB is that she is not only is she all about the law but perhaps because she is older she has zero problems speaking her mind.  It was amazing just listening to her speak about how when the cases get to the Supreme Court that they have been vetted so intensely that the decisions by each judge are usually made prior to the actual case being heard.  I had no idea.

She talked about the ERA too.  130 out of 143 countries around the globe have gender equality laws in their constitution.  We do not.  We pretend to operate like we do but perhaps it is time to get a case up to the Supreme Court.  108 Women sat in the served in the 114th Congress (January 2015).  That is 20% of the total membership.  Why don’t these women get together and bring back the ERA?  I know the Notorious RGB would be routing for this.

The passing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act is a step but it is time to one step further.  I think it is time….and perhaps the ERA will force companies to close the pay gap and a variety of other inequalities.