The LA Book Show and more

labookfairWe drove downtown to the Geffen Contemporary for the LA Book Show.  The building is fantastic.  Big, open and reminiscent of an old factory that has been ripped down to its bones.

gaggosianThe show is overwhelming.  Lots of booths from galleries (Gaggosian is below) and magazines.  Books, prints, bags and a slew of art projects to buy.  The audience is right out of Los Angeles casting.

foodtrucksOf course mega-food trucks outside the event.

littletokyoThe neighborhood is Little Tokyo.  After we did the show we walked through the streets and the multiple malls.  This neighborhood butts up against Skid Row where the homeless have erected tents to live in on the streets.  It is sad and sketchy at the same time.  CA proposed spending about $2b towards this problem the past week.  Let’s hope something good comes out of that.

ramenWe made our way over to Orochon Ramen located in Weller Court, a shopping mall of restaurants.  We split two things.  Miso based ramen with pork and spice level 3.  There are 6 levels of fire.  It was really good

dumplingsAnd we split the shumai (pork dumplings).  I am set on taking David Chang’s dumpling drive at one point throughout LA.

noodlesThe Murakai Market is in this mall.  There is another one near where we live too.  This one is great.  Noodles.


misoMiso pastes and of course much more.

fleamarketThen we drove over to the Rob Pruitt Flea Market.  We loved this.  A flea market full of funky art and activities too.

tableThis table has serious kitsch.

ceramicCeramics at another.

fuckmeladyNot sure what they had here but the poster over their table was hilarious.

bricabracThere was also plenty of used clothing and bric a brac.  A very funky LA Etsy feel.

tacoshackOf course there were two food stops outside.  One was for snow cones and the other for tacos.  We went for one taco.

tacoPulled pork, spicy salsa on a corn tortilla.  Simple and good.

Then came the drive back to the west side where the freeway was like a parking lot until it isn’t.  Traffic never ceases to amaze me.

Great day in LA.  I wish this particular neighborhood wasn’t so far from our neighborhood.