imgresDon’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Guisados lives up to the hype of killer tacos.  Fred had gone to the one downtown and talked about it for three days.  We headed to the one in West Hollywood for lunch.  Their meats are all slow braised including the vegetables they put on the fish tacos so everything is insanely flavorful.

frescosWe each had an Aquas Frescas.  Cantaloupe melon and Lemon/Lime.  Delish.

porkbeeftacosThis plate has the Bistek en Salsa Toja, Chicharron and Chuleta en Chile Verde.  The bistek is made of flank steak that has been braised with red peppers topped with a slice of avocado served over black beans.  The meat melts in your mouth.  Chicarron is pork rinds that have been simmered in a chile verde sauce served with salsa verde and black beans.  This has a slight crunch to it that many might not like.  The Chuleta is a diced grilled pork shop that has been simmered in a chile verde and topped with salsa verde, chile arbor and cream over black beans.

fishendtacosOur other plate has the Mole Pablano, Pescado and Camarones.  The mole is chicken braised in a nutty poblano stye mole served with queso fresco, cream and a salsa.  Powerful punch.  The Pescado is a grilled white fish atop black beans served with cabbage, avocado cream, chili arbol and pico de gallo.  Last is the Camarones.  Three shrimp with sauteed onions, peppers like a fajita served with caramelized onions and a chipotle cream sauce.

Next time I’d order the minis to try everything again but there is something about the full on big corn tortilla with these intense toppings.  Messy but so good.  My faves were probably the Bistek, Chuleta, Mole and Camarones….but honestly you can not go wrong.

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  1. AMT Editorial Staff

    As San Diego residents, we love tacos. Those look so good. Anytime of the day or night. Gracias Madre is a vegan place we hear is very good…also in “WeHo”.

  2. kirklove

    Regret not getting there. How does the corn tortilla hold up? I favor flour, since corn tortillas often dominate all the flavors of a taco making it bland.

    1. Gotham Gal

      holds up perfectly.

  3. Rohan

    This made my mouth water!

  4. jason wright

    Guisados qweeted you – fame at last.Good visual narrative.