Learn how to sell and communicate

imgresSell:  to persuade someone of the merits of.
Everyone founder needs to sell.  For many people that makes them cringe but sales comes in many shapes and sizes.  No matter how talented, smart or amazing you are, sales comes into play.

I am pretty sure that every investor wants to see someone come in to pitch them that is living, breathing and believing in their vision.  They should be drinking the kool-aid so heavily that it reeks from them.  Trajectory, data and traction are meaningful but enthusiasm about each of those takes everything up many notches.

You also have to sell the dream to the people you want to hire.  There are many opportunities out there in the start-up market and to get the best and brightest you have to sell the vision to get those people on board.

Granted I have probably been selling since I came out of the womb and the one thing I know is it is all in the approach.  Sales does not have to be hardcore.  It is also about listening and responding. Pointing out the high notes.  It is about the way things are presented.  How you articulate your dream.

People always ask what is it you invest in.  The answer is always people.  Everyone of those founders exude enthusiasm and passion about their businesses.  They also are selling their dream. You have to or nobody will be buying.