Night + Market Weho

imgres-1Every person I spoke to in the food world said if you are going to LA go to Night + Market.  Now I know why.  Real authentic Thai food.  Someone in our party comes from that side of the globe and I would consider an expert in good food.

nightmarketThe place is quirky like all good Thai restaurants.  The dishes can be insanely spicy so let them know when you order what your level of tolerance is.  We said spicy but not too spicy and it was pretty perfect.

mangoriceCoconut rice is one of my faves.  This might not look that appetizing but it is good.  A little thick but delicious.

spicychickenNam Khao Tod  Crispy rice salad with sour pork, raw ginger, onion, peanuts cilantro and chile

mincedchickenLarb Gai  Minced chicken with lime, fish sauce, rice powder, cilantro, onion…spicy.

wingsChicken wings.  These were really spicy.  I had one and it was good and the second one was crazy spicy.

soupTom Khar  Chicken soup with a coconut milk broth, cilantro, galangal, lemon grass and more.

padyewPad see ew.  Thick rice noodles cooked with chicken, black soy sauce and an egg.  I would have easily eaten this whole thing myself.

eggplantEggplant.  This melted in your mouth.

uniriceA special of the evening.  Fried rice with uni and roe.  Weird but worked.

pad?Khao soi, curried noodles with braised hanger steak, mustard greens, onions, cilantro, bean sprouts, chile jam

dessertDessert was really good.  Rice crepes covered with butter and confectioners sugar with coconut cream.

All good, some faves.  Definitely one of the better Thai restaurants I have been to on this side of the globe.


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  1. pointsnfigures

    Looks fantastic. If you ever get a chance, go to Arun’s in Chicago. Really high end gourmet Thai you will never forget.