Weed and me

weedPeople always ask me “so what are you looking to invest in”?  The other question is “what is your favorite investment”?  My answer to the latter is that I have no favorites.  I love all my investments equally.  As for the first, the answer these days is I am interested in investing in women, minorities and weed.

It is good to invest in what you know.  I have been smoking weed for a long time…and am a fan.  What is happening in the weed business is fascinating.  Eventually weed will be legal for a consumer to buy in every state.  At one point you will be able to buy a few joints in the local liquor store or perhaps a 7-11.  It won’t happen tomorrow but it will happen.  The taxes generated are too good for the economy just like liquor and cigarettes.

I am starting to spend time in the vertical.  In the next month or so I will be talking to a few businesses that are more mature and others that are just starting out to really understand the industry.  My guess is that there will be no differences in building out a chocolate brand or a body brand except that it is infused with weed and so it is more about the regulations.  The capital flowing back and forth is still an issue but there are companies sprouting up that will fix those issues just like other technology businesses. I am looking forward to talking to the people behind Marley Natural as the name alone is already a brand.

I am excited about the opportunities here…the vertical is only growing and I plan on making a mark here just as I have in real estate and food.