another round-up in LA…eating and seeing

We made our way through the town once again trying new food, seeing art, even going to a comedy club one night in Venice.  Here are the highlights.

poke getty flowers belcampoPoke is having its moment.  I checked out SweetFin in Santa Monica.  A serious line by 1230 and the cashier told me it goes all the way until they close at night except for a short lull around 430. I went with the classic.  Tuna, bamboo rice, chives, sesame oil, chilis and 5 things to pick from on top.  I chose avocado, seaweed salad, carrots, edamame and pickled ginger.  It is really good. Fresh, healthy, lots of flavor and not that heavy.  A chain in the making?

pizzaMet my friend for lunch at Milo and Olive.  Milo and Olive is part of the west side empire owned by Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan.  I am a fan of all of their places.  I had yet to get to Milo and Olive and had a pizza and a salad.  Excellent soft yet crispy crust topped with burrata, prosciutto and arugula.

gettyHeaded up to the Getty later that day.  The Getty and LACMA made a large purchase together from the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.  The views are so beautiful from the Getty.  The exhibit spans his early life in NYC until his death.  I actually preferred the exhibit at LACMA which we went to later in the week to complete the show.

sushisignWe made our way over to Sasabune in West Los Angeles for dinner.  The sushi is really good but the sign is classic.

eggslutWe got up early on Saturday morning and hit up EggSlut at the Grand Central Market.  Quite an insane line but we went with it.  EggSlut is opening up in Venice soon too.  Phew.   We split two sandwiches.  The bacon egg and cheese with a chipotle ketchup and the fairfax which is eggs, chives cheese and I added in avocado and bagged the onions with a spicy mayo.  The bun is just a bit crispy on top and soft in the middle.  All and all the sandwich was top.  It is amazing that they can churn out that many sandwiches all day long.  The line was about an hour and a half when we left.  I watched them make the eggs to see how they could make them so soft.  They do it in the French way….lots and lots of butter!

flowersMore Mapplethorpe at LACMA was our next stop.  I didn’t realize he did a slew of flower still lives.  Phaidon put out a book on them.  Really beautiful.

belcampoStopped in BelCampo to pick up lamb for Sunday.  Anya Fernald has really built something special.  Mario Batali teamed up with her on some salamis.  This is pretty genius, cigars of salami like a high end slim jim.

friedchickenWe went back downtown for dinner to Osso.  The place is super cool.  They are a tad disorganized and the menu is small yet broad.  The fried chicken is the best thing by far.  Pan fried when you order it.  Delicious!

kouignBefore going to the Clippers game on Sunday morning we stopped by Bread Lounge and picked up a loaf for the week and Kouign Aman which is essentially butter, sugar and flaky pastry.  Pretty damn good.

clippersThe Clippers won.  They have gone such a great job down there with places to eat inside and out of the arena.

A pretty good week in LA as we start to wind down our time on the west coast.




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  1. jason wright

    the Getty looks nice. too nice for LA 🙂

  2. Erin

    Make sure you check out Lemonade (I believe there’s one on Abbot Kinney). I mentioned it before, but I think I called it Cafeteria. It’s called Lemonade, and it’s supposed to be fantastic and healthy.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Lemonade. It is on AK.