Eating our way back into NYC

IMG_3008Our first stop was Perla Cafe for dinner.  In complete transparency we are investors in PC but I loved it.  The vibe is great, the flow is smart and the food is pretty damn good.  We shared a bunch of things and I have to say the pastas were top.  Now Gabe has a triple hit right on that corner with Perla Cafe, Fedora and Bar Sardine.

asparagusburrataI had two meals at High Street on Hudson.  Dinner with my friend where we split everything.  Asparagus, bread crumbs and burrata topped with a lemon vinaigrette was delicious.  The side of crispy broccoli and mushrooms with chow chow and scallions is another winner.  I could have eaten bowls of this.  Just the right amount of crisp and seasoning.  The duck on sour grains, roasted turnips and charred leek also had a great balance of flavors.  Breakfast is too heavy for me.  If I ate one of those egg sandwiches to start my day I would be done.  It was a challenge to find anything to eat except for a hand-rolled bagel.  I’d like to see some more simple options during the week because the breakfast is more suited towards a weekend brunch.

anchovieMoving along I had lunch at La Sirena.  Sometimes lunch is best because it is less crowded and the menu is the same.  You would think that the service would be top but it was not.  We shared everything and nobody thought about bringing plates or utensils to serve the food or perhaps coffee at the end.  The food is not great either.  It looks good but it tastes bland and uninteresting.  Really really disappointing.

uniWent back to our favorite sushi place in the city.  Sushi DoJo.  We always sit in the same spot with the same sushi chef, Hidai.  We love it there.

redpeppersHave been wanting to get to Cassette in Greenpoint.  Such a great addition to the neighborhood serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Dinner was really good.  Everything was simple, full of layered flavors and fresh.  Loved these roasted red peppers and anchovies.

pastaLast is Cafe Altro Paradiso and certainly not least.  The place was hopping.  I heard there was a huge noise issue but we had no problems.  A table for 6 is really intimate around a small round table which is great.  They say family style but honestly not necessary.  Some of the appetizers are good to share but a pasta or main course is perfect for one.  The pastas are fantastic.  We had three of them and each was light and airy.  The cannoli stuffed with ricotta and mint was off the charts and shouted spring is here.

lambThe other hit was the lamb.  Grilled lamb over fava beans and spinach.  The menu changes seasonally.

cookieI highly recommend doing a plate of biscotti before rolling home.  Will be back for sure.

Nice to be back in NYC.



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  1. meredithcollinz

    All looks delish! I may have to eat pasta for breakfast now!

  2. pointsnfigures

    i haven’t eaten pasta for years. Your photos make me hungry. Love fresh pasta. Used to make it at home too. The reason I stayed away was the speed at which carbohydrates change into sugar-and mess your body chemistry up. Recently, there has been a lot of research on gut bacteria and if you cook, then cool the pasta it has less of a spike and actually feeds the bacteria in your gut.… I am waiting to see restaurants take up this niche and turn it into a movement the same as they did with organics and farm to table.

    1. awaldstein

      Who doesn’t love great pasta?And a couple times a week a week we head out and eat all that stuff that we never eat at home.I’ll hold my arguments about gluten is bad for you. What is true is that it does nothing good for you. That is food science.Start with that, as I do, eat it as you will, as I do, but understand that eating stuff that is does nothing for you is a clear choice.

      1. Gotham Gal

        Anything in moderation works

        1. awaldstein

          Agree. I live with a food revolutionary–also a great cook–and by osmosis I’ve learned alot of science about food.I don’t believe in being religious about anything but I have put in the time to be informed. With that information I simply make choices and sometime–quite often actually–I eat the very best of food that has no nutritional value, like pizza of course!

          1. pointsnfigures

            I love great pasta-but I know it’s not good for me so I don’t eat it. But, now with the cooked and cooled thing I might find a way to bring it back.

  3. LE

    I see where Fedora (same restaurant group) eliminated tipping. I am wondering how that is working for them.