First there was Title IX

imgres-2Someone said to me the other day that she believed that more women’s heads were just starting to scrape the ceiling.  I agree.  Not only are their more conversations around women founders, women CEO’s and gender balance in companies there is the reality that we are seeing more of it vs just having the conversation.  Obama has even spoken about the need for equality pay.

Yesterday the top female athletes in soccer filed a lawsuit to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission citing wage discrimination.  They assert that they are being paid 40% less than their male counterparts.  If they are then that is utterly ridiculous.  They should be getting equal pay, period.  Keep in mind that the US women’s soccer team been the top of their game vs their male counterparts who have not (3 World Cup Championships, four Olympic championships).  They are being shortchanged in salary, benefits, sponsorships and the works.   They are focused on domestic revenue as FIFA determines the other.

Opportunities for women in sports have changed dramatically since Title IX was passed.  Yet playing does not equal compensation.  I applaud these women bringing equal pay to courts.  My hope is that by winning this lawsuit, equal pay trickles down to everyone else because it has to.  It is a ballsy move….and a nice kick in the pants for everyone.