JF Chen

chairI am almost as obsessed with beautiful furniture as I am about art.  I admit I feel the same way about beautiful clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes.  It is all related.

chirJFChen is a store, actually 3 stores, in LA that carry a tremendous amount of vintage furniture, paintings, ceramics and lighting.  It is fun to walk around.

kindI began to take photos of chairs.

ironEach unique.

leaterIt is overwhelming but you can find some gems.

hardAnd some not.







clasand more.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Steven Hill

    Other than the royalist looking one (very uncomfortable) I find these chairs uninteresting and ugly

    1. Gotham Gal

      Fascinating more than anything else

      1. Steven Hill

        That’s true but I wouldn’t by any of them for a chair…the metal one could be an Objet d’art

  2. Erin

    You can tell so much about the designer’s personality by looking at a chair they’ve built, by how they hold aesthetics, comfort, ergonomics and portability in tension in such a small object. It is such a central piece in a designers portfolio; it has often been the torchbearer for an artist’s or architect’s entire brand. Mies van der Rohe said “there are endless possibilities and many problems- the chair has to be light, it has to be strong, it has to be comfortable. It’s almost easier to build a skyscraper than a chair.”

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Did you sit in any of them? The one made out of discarded overcoats seems like it could be very comfortable or very very uncomfortable (bad placement of buttons, especially).I love unusual stuff, but I can’t stop myself thinking, when looking at anything for the home, what might happen if someone trips and falls on an item. Will it shatter? Will *they* shatter? Ha! (I must be the parent of small children.)

    1. Gotham Gal

      Some are just meant to be perched on. Others to sit. It’s wild. Shows the range of tastes people have.I’m sure you could hurt yourself on many of these.

      1. jason wright

        i’m sure you could – a very LA sub culture.

  4. jason wright

    some of those chairs are why i and ‘art’ often part company. there’s taste, there’s comfort, and then there’s that ‘other’ quality that i have little time for. i need ‘honesty’ in spades. decadence is so unattractive.