New look, big week

imgresSpring is here.  I am back in NYC after spending the winter in LA.  I got homesick the last couple of weeks.  On one hand it is really nice to get out of town during the winter months and taking it down a notch is probably good for me but we are still figuring out the balance.  I love the insanity of NYC, the beat of the street, the vibe in the restaurants, the overload of culture and the ability to walk everywhere.  Bottom line, it is good to be home.

WeFestival is happening this week.  I am incredibly excited.  Lots of planning to get us where we are now.  We will continue to be in the trenches of WeFestival as we start to plan for Los Angeles this November and look to Berlin for 2017.  There are a bunch of other things we will be working on too so that we can continue to provide a place for women to connect around their businesses.

With a new logo comes a new look for the blog.  I am really happy how it turned out.  Always good to get a fresh new look.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Ella Dyer

    Love the new look! Thanks for your work with WeFestival; perhaps Paris or the southern part of France can be considered in the future.

  2. Susan

    Site looks awesome! Congratulations.

  3. awaldstein

    Best of luck with WeFestival.A big supporter of this as you know and at least one client is attending.It’s a winner by definition.

  4. pointsnfigures

    like the new look. good luck with the festival.

  5. Laura Yecies

    Love the new look! Looking forward to WEF – heading to NY tomorrow 🙂

  6. TamiMForman


  7. jason wright

    in the masthead maybe the gg logo needs to be separated from the skyscraper directly behind it. the overlay composition is not quite right to my eye.

  8. Hope Lawrence

    Packing my bags and crossing items off my to do list….I will see you at the event! I am so excited and hope to meet you.

  9. Yinka!

    Love the new blog design, although I’m still adjusting to the bright background. Go WEF! I’ve enjoyed attending previously and will look out for the next one as I can’t attend this one.

  10. Dan Wick


  11. BB

    Welcome back + looking good!

  12. lauraglu

    Looks great! Congrats.

  13. Brandon Burns

    Loving this!

  14. rebeccastees

    Yes! Love your refresh!

  15. bsoist

    Been looking forward to this – looks great!