Spring in Paris

I am pretty sure that yesterday was the last gasp of winter.  Monday we walked and walked and walked.  The weather was just perfect.

eggsWe began the day at Eggs & Co.  Their specialty is eggs cooked in a pot of cream with your choice of toppings. We had gruyere on top.  Nothing like a light meal to start off the day.  The eggs are sitting in a pot of thick warm cream.  Woah.

keitoOur next stop was the Grand Palais.  The exhibit is of Seydou Keita.  Keita was a photographer in Mali who photographed the people of Mali in many of the same clothes, accessories, etc.  An unbelievable exhibit.  I wanted to buy a piece of his work (the one above) almost a decade ago.  We decided to pass but I always pined for that piece.  As Fred said to me, you can’t have them all.

outdoorsAfter the Grand Palais we began to walk.  We strolled over to the 2nd and stopped in one of my favorite stores in Paris, L’Eclaireur.  Then continued strolling down Rue St Honore to Colette.  Colette is one of the first concept shops.  Sometimes it is unbearably crowded in there but for some reason I feel compelled to stop there every time I come to Paris.

palaisWe continued to Palais Royale where the construction is finally complete.  It is just a magical courtyard.  This is a new addition.  We were starving and instead of going somewhere and having a bite we just sat in the Tuilleries and got a snack.  The weather was just off the charts.  Everyone was out in force enjoying the spring air.

chorizoWe walked all the way back to our place and took about 30 minutes to get ready for dinner.  Dinner was at Jones.  Jones is the new Bones.  Bones was one of my fave restaurants of the last few years in Paris.  They decided to call it a day and reopen as Jones.  More options on the menu and my guess it always changing.

burrWe had sliced chorizo, burrata with bottarga, bread and shisito peppers.

duckWe also had an asparagus dish and duck over potatoes and roasted broccoli on the side.  I have always noticed when we are in Paris that many of the menus are roughly the same because they are all sourcing based on the season.  Gotta love that.

cheeseA little cheese before we dipped out.  There was a big group celebrating a party in front of the house where the bar is open.  They were bringing out huge legs of roasted pig.  It was pretty awesome.

One more day to go and back to NYC.

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  1. JLM

    .Fred told you “You can’t have them all.”And, you accepted that?No way.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  2. Laurel Watts

    Can’t stop thinking about that breakfast . . .