Sunday in Paris

marchepaulbertI think we caught the last day of winter here.  A bit on the chilly side.  Sunday is very quiet in Paris.  Not a lot of restaurants are open and the stores are always closed.  The best place to do the morning is the flea markets and then a museum in the afternoon.  The Paul Bert Marketplace is usually where I begin.

deskThere is a lot of great pieces that are ever changing.  This desk is beautiful.

lampsI loved these lamps too.

endtablesFun side tables.  It is not that difficult to get it shipped to where you need.

maneatinglunchThe market is quite civilized.  Most of the vendors have their lunch served to them and eat their meal in the proper way, tablecloth and all

lunchMa Cocette is my fave lunch of choice in the hood.  Very cool vibe in there.  Rooms of every size and a mixture of furniture.  We split lunch.  Carrot soup, poached leeks with a vinaigrette and rotisserie chicken.

birdsDown the street is another area that has vintage Habitat furniture including a gallery.  The gallery had a bird installation.  The chirping was hilarious.

photoswithbirdsThe photos behind it were of midwestern landscapes and explosions of colored smoke coming out of the grasses.

rodinOur next stop was the Rodin museum.  The Rodin just went through a massive renovation.  What is really nice about the museum is the size.  An old large house set on beautiful grounds. It is amazing how many sculptures he created.  He must have been covered in a thin film of dust throughout his life.  The Thinker is of course the classic piece.

kissThe Kiss.


rodinsigHis signature.  That’s pretty cool.

gardenThe gardens.

choettesDinner that night was at Les Chouettes.  Really beautiful space.  There is a room in the front and when you walk into the back the room is an open atrium, three times the height with bars at all levels.  Super cool.  The food was pretty good too.

tomatoasparachorizoeggThis was just a combo of multiple flavors.  Pieces of asparagus, tomato sauce, thinly sliced deep fried chorizo and a poached egg.  A masterful combination

porkThe pork was layered and crispy paired with a mixture of eggplant underneath a paella like rice.

parisbrestDessert was the classic Paris Brest.  Something you rarely see in the states but is here in abundance and absolutely one of my favorites.

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  1. William Mougayar

    Very good. This is giving me a mental prep. We’ll be there in May.

  2. Sofia Papastamelos

    Ah I’m missing Paris so much <3

    1. Gotham Gal

      so that today. insane

  3. pointsnfigures

    loved the Rodin museum. so approachable.