The Women behind the Scenes at WeFestival

unnamedBehind any successful event or person is a good woman.  Behind WeFestival there were several amazing women that I should have acknowledged at the event so I am taking the opportunity today to give them a huge shout out.

imagesLet’s start with my sister, Susan Solomon. She has become my partner in WeFestival.  Our skills sets are complimentary and of course we have known each other our whole lives so we know how to work together.  The consistent between us is we like to get shit done timely and efficiently so we trust each other to execute.  Without Susan this event would have never been pulled off, the rebranding would have never been done, the data would never been captured, etc. etc.  She is the engine behind this event.  Above is us in our earlier days.

Jenn Ruocco was the third in command.  A full on social media community maven.  She also gets shit done and takes it seriously.  What a phenomenal addition to our team.  She rocked it.

Jenna Abdou of 33 Voices rocked it interviewing many women entrepreneurs.  She helped us build our content foundation profiling women and what they have learned along the way as they scale their businesses.

Roadwerx was another all-women team.  Donna Morgan is the founder of Roadwerx, a company that understands how marketing drives the planning, design and production.  They made something that is not easy to do particularly at 1 WTC (which is not surprising that the building is locked down like Fort Knox) look seamless.

Great Performances made sure we ate well.  I am always amazed at how Liz Neumark, the founder of Great Performances, always makes sure the presentation is as good as the food from 4 people to 500.  A true skill.

Each woman in this team is action oriented and that is how we roll…and not surprising they are all women entrepreneurs.

Comments (Archived):

  1. denmeade

    Congratulations to everyone involved. It sounds like a fabulous event.

  2. jason wright

    i never knew there was so much shit in this world.

  3. TamiMForman

    I LOVE the branding. The logo is just perfect. And then everything at the event — the imagery, the words, the way they were displayed. Not a single off note. Spectacular.