Arlo Skye

DPK_Arlo.001-2I continually preach to founders the importance of bringing on investors who understand your business.  Not ones that just understand the financials but actually understand the product and the importance to the end user.  I think the same way when it comes to founders which is why I always ask entrepreneurs the path they took to their business.  I like to hear from founders that have spent time in the business that they are building.  When I look at the back end of food businesses that are rooted in the agriculture world I hope that they come from that vertical vs someone who has just graduated from business school looking at the opportunity landscape finding holes where they believe a business should be built.  It is a different mindset.

A few luggage businesses have crossed my desk and not one of them was of interest to me.  Then another luggage business was shown to me from an entrepreneur I am invested in.  The founders were not only out of luxury but steeped in luggage for decades.  Former Louis Vuitton and Tumi executives Mayur Bhatnagar and Denielle Wolfe are the brains behind this business.  They have the contacts, they have made and sold luggage, they understand how to build a business and they have a gut about where this industry should go.  I met them, I loved it and I invested.  The business is called Arlo Skye.

The New York-­based travel brand launches today with a Carry­-On reimagined for the design-obsessed. With an uncompromising focus on quality, elegance and practical intelligence.  The Carry­-On is engineered from a novel, lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy, for unprecedented elegance and durability. Its Portable Charger recharges personal devices up to 75% faster than a conventional battery, while its Silent Run Lisof® wheels and 1­-touch open/close frame merge innovative design with technology.  They are thinking about luggage in a completely different way than the others in this space.  The product is beautiful, intelligent and every detail has been focuses on simplicity, elegance and usability.

The Carry­On is immediately available for pre­order at Arlo Skye and costs $495 USD.   There is a limited amount available so if you are intrigued don’t hesitate.  I can hardly wait to get mine!