Artlifting and Leesa

leesaI have written about Artlifting before.  I am an investor in this company and they have continued to be impressive at every turn.  The c0-founder, Liz Powers is committed to her vision of building a huge company while changing the life of every single person she touches along the way.  Artlifting empowers homeless and disabled individuals by selling their artwork.

Liz partnered with Leesa.  Leesa makes hand crafted mattresses and is one of the fastest growing eretailers this year.  The founder is committed to giving back.  The company donates one mattress for every mattress they sell.

artistThe artists work is stitched into the mattress with the the signature Leesa three horizontal stripes at the bottom.  Here is the artist Scott Benner with one of his mattresses of art.

artistsIt is hard not to get emotional when you meet these artists and see Liz changing their lives.  The best part is their work provides an income.  That income changes their lives, makes them feel empowered and shows others who might be down on their luck that there is hope.   This is a picture of the artists whose work was there that night.

There are many other licensing opportunities in the works for Artlifting.

I love this company.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Ella Dyer

    An excellent share for a Friday. We must promote STEAM — rather than just STEM — as art (and its supporters) is so important.

    1. Susan Rubinsky

      Ooooo. Interesting acronym. LOVE that idea as it connotes right-brain/left-brain. However, I think that most people are heavily one or the other.

    2. Gotham Gal

      the arts is so important. it has been taken away from most public education programs which is a travesty

        1. Gotham Gal

          Totally different market.

  2. Ella Dyer

    So right Joanne; an exchange we’ve had in the past. Thank you for supporting the arts as you do, without them we wouldn’t have the opportunities and advancements we enjoy today.

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Brilliant! Any chance of a collab with 20×200?

    1. Gotham Gal

      different content but same model..

  4. Christina Arnold

    I love this company too! How wonderful, practical, inspiring, and deeply moving! Thank you for being such an interesting investor! It’s fascinating to watch you and learn from you and your infectious enthusiasm for life and people – and your razor sharp business acumen. You’re my hero!