Frieze week

New York City area had the annual art fair take over this past week.  We just hit up the Frieze this time around.  We took the ferry from E 35th street over to Randall’s Island instead of driving this year.  The parking was limited this year due to construction so this was the way to go.  Really nice taking a ferry up the east river and seeing the city from that vantage point.  Water transportation will be bigger and better in years to come.

fredwilsonWe got there around 1130 and stayed until almost 4.  It was a long long day but fun.  Here is the highlights of what we saw.  It began with a Fred Wilson.

pamelarosenkarnzPamela Rosenkranz

60'sIdelle Weber

williamkWilliam Kentridge

redYayoi Kusama

ronihornRoni Horn

peterhaileyPeter Halley

sculpDid not get the artist but this sculpture is pretty amazing

waltonfordWalton Ford

peopleFor the first time an installation with actors

nailsLos Carpentiros

tomasTomas Saraceno

markdionMark Dion

embraceThomas Broome

dotsDog installations were at a few spots in a multi-media installation by Heather Phillipson

joegoodeJoe Goode

oystersWe had lunch at Marlow and Sons.  Quite civilized sitting down, having someone take your order, have some orders and a glass of rose.

anishkapurAnish Kapoor

damienhurstDamien Hirst

puppetsDid not get this artists name either but I really thought this was a very cool installation of all these dolls

mikaMika Rottenberg.  This is pretty awesome.  You peer into the lips and see a video of lip images doing a variety of things.

metalThis heavy iron piece would be great in an outdoor garden

let'sgoLoved these.

fryingpanFrying up some eggs

sushiDumpling cart

donkyMaurizio Cattelan installation.  Yes, live donkey


liveinthemomentLive in the moment, David Shrigley

kidsLots of kids there getting involved which is really great to see.  I saw kids with cameras and kids really checking out art.

That pretty much sums it up.  The place was packed, people were taking in the art and the people watching was fantastic.




Comments (Archived):

  1. Jenna Abdou

    Love all of these pictures. Thank you!

  2. kirklove

    You’re better than Fred at getting artist names 😉

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. panterosa,

    Love Yayoi. I had Roni Horn as a teacher, this new work is interesting.PS All the images are sideways on iPad but not on web.

  4. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Wow, this looks like a fantastic experience. I like a lot of what you shared. I know this is a corny question, but did the donkey seem ok? Seems like a questionable use of a live creature.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Big sign saying that the donkey was a happy guy and taken care of properly

      1. Kirsten Lambertsen

        Thank you 🙂

        1. jason wright

          a donkey with literacy skills will always be well cared for.

  5. Shelly Lipton

    You really captured the experience Joanne. We were there on Sat and I must admit, the people watching was indeed a big highlight of the day. And the art was overwhelming and in many cases quite odd. Until next year!!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Until next year