Te Company

tea wallLocated on West 10th Street upstairs off the street is the Te Company.  A little gem of serenity. Emily and I have been hankering to get there for awhile and we finally had our tea and more.

teaThe Te Company is dedicated to serving the best oolong teas in the world.  The list is highly curated.  They had just come back from sourcing teas when we went.  We chose a light fruity yet nutty tea.  They give you the container to smell the aroma of the tea before serving it.  The small pot is where the leaves are steeped, then you transfer that to the larger container to pour into your small cup.  It is quite civilized.

tortaThere are few seats and when the word gets out I fear the delight of enjoying the slow cadence of the place will change.  Their food is delicious.  The menu is tiny.  We had the potato cheese torta doused with edible flowers and small pieces of sliced olives and a plate of Spanish chorizo. The bread is a must.  A yeasty brown sourdough that is soft and insanely flavorful.

saladA spinach salad tossed with thin slices of apple, sweet roasted walnuts and covered with shaved ricotta salata.  A combination of savory and sweet.

cakeThis chocolate cake is over the top.  A flourless chocolate cake that just barely oozes when you put your fork through it.  There is a hint of coconut to the flavor and the creamy light frosting that melts over the top and is just scorched with a flame before serving is a true treat.

A perfect way to laze a few hours away any afternoon.