Company culture

images-1Company culture is extremely important.  It sets the tone for the entire organization.  It comes from the top.  That culture creates a vibe inside the company.  If you spend one day going from company to company that was in the same vertical you would know that each culture has a different culture the second you walk in the door.  You can just feel it.

For people looking to work at companies you want to walk in and feel as if these are your people. Going to work everyday in a culture that doesn’t agree with you is a loss for everyone.

Acquisitions or mergers of companies can be positive outcomes for a multitude of reasons but the the merging of cultures is always tough.  When Vox bought Curbed Media it was such a great outcome because the cultures were similar and so not only did Vox take over solid media brands they also ended up with a terrific team and many continue to work there.  That is usually not the outcome.  After the companies merge or get bought out, many peel out of there when their time is up particularly the founders.

Cultures change as companies grow too.  At the beginning your company might have lunch together every Friday but when the company grows to 30 and then 100 those activities are harder to keep going with the same type of outcome everyone gets from it.  The key to continuing that culture that has been the backbone of the companies success it becomes important to figure out how to get that culture to evolve just as the company grows and evolves.  Not easy but worthy.

Culture is as important as creating the right team.  The culture helps you create the right team.   It is like what came first the chicken or the egg.  Keeping that same culture forever is not that easy. I’d love to hear about companies experiences as they have sold or grown up and what the founder did to keep the culture on track.