Crowdrise for Ethiopia

In complete transparency Fred sits on the board and is an investor in Crowdrise.  I am a huge fan of Crowdrise.  A place where people can raise capital for projects that inspire them.  The best place for a barn-raiser.

Mallory Brown created this fundraiser for Ethiopia launching a campaign to help 30 women in Ethiopia become entrepreneurs and they are looking for 30 women to help.  They are looking for women who will be inspired by the campaign and genuinely want to help.

Supporting woman across the globe to reach their potential as entrepreneurs is something that I care about which is why I posted this today.


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  1. Erin

    Nice. I’m dating a guy from Africa right now. I used to think, “just leave Africans alone- let them have their pride instead of having all our charity and pity dumped on them.” But this guy was helped quite a bit when his parents died- he got adopted by some friends of the family, and although he still had to work hard, he’s so grateful to the family that gave him his leg up. The other night he was like, “I just love my life. Look at me- I used to sell candy and pens on the street for my little brother’s medicine, and now I have a degree from a great university and I’ve got a dry house and a stable job”. He’s one of the most grateful people I know. Helping others- while respecting their dignity, of course- is a pretty noble thing to do.

    1. Gotham Gal

      That is amazing

      1. Erin

        Totally. He’s made it. I mean, we have to buy a summer home on Martha’s Vineyard first before we can REALLY consider having “made it”, but that’s my own personal interpretation of the term. 😉

        1. Gotham Gal