Dream Girl

unnamed-1This past week was the premier of Dream Girl.   My first connection to the film was through a woman who reads my blog and had come to WeFestival.  She wrote to me about what Erin was trying to accomplish with the film Dream Girl and so through that, my relationship with Erin Bagwell began.

Erin was on a mission to change the world through a documentary film about the fastest growing segment of the economy, women start-ups.  She was working on her Kickstarter campaign and wanted to meet.   We met, I backed her Kickstarter campaign, gave advice and got the word out.  Erin raised over $100K and she was off to the races to make her first film.

Fast forward, I was interviewed for the film.  Then Erin came back to me because she needed some more capital to finish and distribute the film.  I was intrigued and for the first time gave money to a film because I wanted to see this get made.  I roped in a few amazing people who contributed as well.

The premier was this past week.  It is an inspiring film.  The first time it was shown was at the White House a few weeks ago.  That alone is powerful.  They are dates this film will be shown around the globe in over 200 locations.  The film has an important message particularly for young women.  If you are interested in having this shown at your kids school, reach out to them.  That is truly their mission for young women to be inspired by this film.  You can reach out to them on the website.

The name of the movie is absolutely perfect.  Dream Girl.  Erin dreamt and she was able to create her first film.  I know both of us would like to see all women particularly young women dream big, shoot for the stars and go out there and accomplish anything that your heart is set on.  She has shown the world that dreams do come true.




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  1. Erin

    Wow, her first film? Wow!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yep. Gotta love Kickstarter

  2. Laura Yecies

    can’t wait to see it!