Get out the vote

images-1Years ago MTV started a campaign called “Rock the Vote”.  The concept was launched on MTV in 1990 to encourage people who were 18-24 to register and vote.  To let their voices be heard.  They used music, celebrities and a put together a brilliant campaign to get the youth excited.

When I met with Beatriz Acevedo of MITU this year we talked about how more young Latino’s need to be registered to vote.  MITU is the voice of young Latinos and their platform is a perfect place to launch a next generation of Rock the Vote….and they have.

There are 12M unregistered Latino voters.  That is a huge opportunity just waiting for change.  The Latino community is one of the fastest growing communities in our country.  Being able to vote is one of the most incredible gifts that we have been given as American citizens.  What MITU is doing is so smart.  Engaging this next generation of Latinos who have made the US their home become part of the elections process.

The campaign is called T.A.C.O; take actions, commit others which the hopes that it inspires all Latinos to go out there and rock their vote.