imagesDavid Haber of Bond Street and Phil Chang came by my office to talk to me and interview me for #ForNYC that will be coming to you in the next week.  They are talking to a broad range of NYers about their 3 favorite local spots.  I won’t share mine until the magazine launches but it got all of us talking about the importance of supporting local stores, brands, restaurants, etc.

Over the past decade we have seen global brands take over our streets, our malls, etc.  I get it.  The cost is huge to rent space as real estate goes up but there is a cycle to it and we all believe that the return to local, authentic, interesting businesses is around the corner.  My gut is we are entering a new cycle.

I love the local stores that I support mostly through eating and shopping.  Walking into local places is always inviting and it feels good supporting these spots.  I am also seeing more businesses that are trying to help these local shops become more efficient which is essential too.  Taking the old school up to speed with the new school.

So when you are strolling around your neighborhood, make sure to support your local shop and restaurant.  If they aren’t carrying what you want then speak with the store owner.  Maybe you can help them think about bringing in new products that you know others in the community want.  Bleecker Street in the Village used to be filled with local shops but those shops lost their relevance to the neighborhood.  Everyone I talked to was sad when one after another closed but the reality is nobody shopped there anymore.  Let’s try and support local not only with our dollars but with communication.

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  1. awaldstein

    The only industry sector at a street level that is 100% local in NY is wine, driven by both culture but spurred on by the fact that supermarkets including whole foods cannot sell wine.There are no big box wine stores in NYC and unique to this itself, there are many (75-100 maybe) neighborhood wine shops.

    1. AMT Editorial Staff

      Whole Foods in San Diego recently had a 40% off ALL wine for one day. Buyers could call ahead and reserve. Incredible deal. Almost felt like we were stealing. Picked up a case of Rombauer Chard & Jam Cellars Butter. Yes, like the “popcorn” wine! If you are a connoisseur who loves sampling, then yes, local for sure. BUT if you know what you like and are happy to repeat the experience “most” of the time…Whole Foods and BevMo work.

      1. meredithcollinz

        Well, I get it when it’s 40% off, but I think Joanne’s point was that if you let the local folks know what you’re looking for, then they might stock it and you can support them.

        1. AMT Editorial Staff

          Big fan of local & we strive for it…when we can. CSA, shops in area, etc. And we are also willing to pay a premium if it’s local.

      2. awaldstein

        New York is unique. It is also arguably because of this uniqueness the very best place in the world to be a winelover based on access and community.It is not a matter of connoisseur of not.If the wine from estates you like are the same year after year, then indeed they are industrialized by definition. Sameness takes intervention and is invariably unhealthy as well as in my opinion, not very interesting.

        1. Gotham Gal

          certainly not interesting.

          1. awaldstein

            The health issue is a larger topic.Part of it is about the Ethos of taste, part of it about the health of the workers (no ambiguity there as much is done by hand) and part, more complex, about the health of the soil and the vitality for the wine itself.Have a great one.

        2. AMT Editorial Staff

          good points.

          1. awaldstein

            The wine world is my personal playground.

        3. JLM

          .Bit of sameness is called “consistency” and is a good thing.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    2. Gotham Gal

      The one we went to in Minneapolis with the cheese shop inside was amazing.

  2. JLM

    .I drink no corporate coffee for just this reason.Buying local is a great idea. The definition of “local” is sometimes a challenge to get right because sometimes it means buying American rather than foreign.It is also important to support local charities — “I live here. I give here.”JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  3. jeffgrillo

    The same thing that is happening on Bleeker is taking place in my neighborhood of Cobble Hill. It is hard to watch the small stores leave and see the Lululemons take their place. And I have only been in NYC for 4 years ( arrived one week before storm Sandy from Portland, Oregon).

  4. pointsnfigures

    I am with you on this and torn on this. I love foie gras. France has the best foie gras…..I love oysters…ain’t no oysters in Chicago! We have a CSA this summer from Angelic Organics. It’s been really good so far. I can drink local beer, but I certainly can’t drink local wine!