I was asked to come down to Launch Tennessee to speak at their event, 38/86 South.  I was honored to be asked.  Having never been to Nashville I figured this would be a great excuse to get down there.  We came down on Sunday morning for the Monday event to check out the town…and of course to taste the local wares.

cremaWe started out at Crema to get a good cup of coffee.  Super cute place.

coffeesI went for a double dose.  A classic cortado and their coffee soda.

musiccenterWe then took a stroll into the heart of Nashville where music halls run the block.  This is a huge music hall taking over 7 blocks.

printAcross the street is a print store that has one of the oldest printing presses around.

googooAround the corner is GooGoo, a store that has been around for decades.  Picked up some of those gooey chocolate treats to take home.

johnnycashWe walked into the Johnny Cash museum but opted out.  We both know the story and are fans.

bridgemaidsNoticed more than a few bridesmaid parties.  Who knew Nashville is the number one city for bridesmaid parties?

chickenNext stop was Hattie B’s to eat some spicy fried chicken.  The line was long but we waited it out. Spicy fried chicken with cole slaw on the side was pretty damn good.  Tried a few local beers too, Honky Tonk, Chicken Scratch and Thunder Ann.

squashbreadWe went back to the hotel for some R&R before heading out for the evening.  I was given a slew of great reccos which we put into a list on Foursquare.  I was hesitant about dining at Husk because I went to the original in Charleston and was not thrilled but our friend said the chef was hanging at the one in Nashville and it was really good.  Sorry we went.  The menu is the exact same as the one in Charleston.  Maybe I just don’t like that heavy over thought Southern food but the fish I had was undercooked, the service was insanely slow and there was zero nuance to the entire meal.  The best thing was the squash bread above.

This goes under the heading of trust you gut.  I kind of knew it was going to be sub-par.  Good news is we have another day of festivities and meals.

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  1. kirklove

    We’re gonna head down to Charleston (never been!) once Toscano’s new place opens. Can’t wait!!!

    1. Gotham Gal

      went last place..

  2. pointsnfigures

    you put some south in your mouth! Nashville is a nice town. Burgeoning health care startup community there. My brother in law has lived there for years. Good little downtown area. Great little country bands. The countryside of Tennessee is pretty beautiful if you get out and drive around it. But, you are right, it does get hot. I am off to NOLA today were it certainly will be steamy.