RIP Scoop

imgresTo be perfectly honest I was “scooped” out many many years ago but there was a point where I liked the place.  In the mid-late 90’s Intermix and Scoop were born.  I was always partial to Intermix but I certainly was happy to stop by Scoop.

As someone who has kept their eye on the retail world I certainly remember when these stores opened because they were new concepts.  Highly curated stores with interesting brands.  The people who worked at the stores were pretty savvy on how to put you together too.  Mostly cutting edge fashion coming from across the globe.  And then one day it wasn’t.

At first the stores grew.  The bigger they grew the less curated they could become because they had to carry brands that could supply 4+ stores, then 10+ stores and more.  Also brands grew and those cool unique brands became big huge brands that weren’t so hip anymore.  Each of those brands evolved into something else and so did the stores.

I knew their reign was over about 5 years ago when I was shopping in Scoop out in East Hampton.  I strolled by, stopped in to see what was new and ended up trying on a sweater.  A ridiculously over priced sweater that really should not have been in Scoop because it was not for their customer anymore.  I couldn’t decide and then the sales person told me that I need to make a decision because they had 3 sold this morning and only had one left.  The hard sale?  I passed.  I remember walking out of the store and thinking really?  Who do they think their customer is?

I learned at Macy’s when the tried to go “upscale” for the masses that it doesn’t work.  Know who your customer is and create the right assortment and environment for them and they will be loyal.  Both Intermix and Scoop grew just like Theory and Rag and Bone and Alexander Wang did.  It is how the business works.  You grow….and you are always growing, changing and tweaking otherwise you die.

Intermix figured out how to exit at the right time, unfortunately Scoop did not.  And with that sweet exit Intermix figured out how to have a pretty large company in a market that only needed one of these chain of stores.