Start-ups are everywhere

images-1I continue to think about Launch Tennessee where I recently spoke and attended.   It was really an incredible event on so many levels.

Start-ups are being built everywhere. There is this vibrant vibe from new ideas that generate excitement and growth around the community.  There are components to growing companies forward from the idea to the jobs created to the people who can write the check.  You need them all to create these start-up hubs.

I hear from people in different parts of the country from Chattanooga to Nashville to Cleveland to Miami to Phoenix to New Mexico to San Diego.  Launch Tennessee has shown how to support the SouthEast how to support that area so people can live, work and create companies.

I’d like to see large companies spend more capital and time trying to support all of these different areas vs staying in the hub of the technology community.  Building accelerators in Detroit or Cleveland will have a more powerful effect than building another accelerator in Silicon Valley or NYC.

I really applaud the group behind Launch Tennessee.  I am sure there are more organizations out there in different parts of the country doing the same thing and we should all be cheering for them to succeed.  It is good for all of us.