We are all related

Rohan, who is a long time reader of this blog, posted about Finding Cousins, the DNA journey.

I recently did the 23andme test which is absolutely worth doing.  Gives you information on your heritage and other factors relating to you DNA.  The site and info is not exactly overwhelming but the idea is.

The racial anger that we see every single day in the media is so utterly disturbing.  Dismissing someone for the color of their skin or their nationality makes zero sense to me.  As the world becomes flatter, except for the few communities that do not step outside of their zone such as the Amish, there is a good chance that we are somehow all related.  If that were the case and we actually knew it would the hatred still continue?

This video is so powerful.  Made me cry.  It is worth the 5+ minutes it takes to watch.  The diversity of the people in this video is broad.  Their loyalty to their own countries is apparent….until it isn’t.  In the end, although we don’t know it yet, we are all one big family



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  1. bsoist

    Awesome video. Made me cry the first time I saw it ( though I admit I cry easily).Rohan is awesome too!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I’m a weeper too.

    2. Rohan

      Haha Bill. I meant to say something similar – made me cry but I do cry easily with videos and movies. 🙂

      1. bsoist

        You still in NY? Terri has been recovering from back surgery and I’ve not kept up with your plans.Just learned a colleague from Malaysia will be at Stanford for most of August, so I’m thinking we plan our visit there around his and your schedule.

        1. Rohan

          No! Was only around for 3 days and I’ve been meaning to write to you to say hello. I completely understand.I’d love to meet in August. I’ll be around here for sure. Do just let me know when you’re planning to be here.. looking forward to meeting!

  2. TanyaMonteiro

    loved that video and the story it tells. the racial anger is terrifying to me and not just in america. very curious about 23andme, will investigate further.

  3. Rohan

    Thank you for sharing this, Joanne. It’s been a very interesting time to be here in the states. My hope is that this’ll pass after this election is decided in November. Odds are at about 70% that that will happen. So, here’s hoping.