imgresHave all boundaries changed because of social media?

I answer all my emails, I participate in social media, I always try to be respectful to the people who reach out to me.

I might appear to be a public person but I am a private person too.

There are boundaries that people cross that are so not ok.  It is not ok to accost my husband in the bathroom at an event and pitch him on your deal.  It is not ok to accost me at an event either.

You are not going to get an open list of contacts and connections from me when I am not interested in your deal.

Picking up the phone and then calling me on my cell phone out of the blue to push for more after I said no through email is so inappropriate.  That is not going to get anyone bonus points.  Do people actually believe that it is acceptable behavior to do that?  That just because I am a helpful investor, make myself available, respond to emails does not mean that I am just open at anytime for a random phone call?

I try to do the right thing but it is people who don’t that make me take pause and wonder what did your parents teach you?  That behavior also ruins it for everyone else because it makes me want to pull back from being helpful.

I respect boundaries and I expect people to respect them too.