images-1This month WeFestival’s theme is Learn on Medium.  Here are my thoughts on Learn.

I have always believed that learning and curiosity goes hand in hand.  The strong desire to learn something comes from being inquisitive.  Entrepreneurs who are starting companies tend to have a yearning for knowledge that pairs with an underlying craving to create businesses that they believe are solutions to problems they have uncovered.  

That strong desire to always be learning is something that I have always been drawn to.  It is one of the reasons I am a strong believer in progressive education.  Progressive education values experience over the memorization of facts.  The pedagogical philosophy is about hands-on learning through collaborative environments.  This teaches a love of learning through constant problem solving and discovery.  There is always more to be learned.

The dots of learning always connect.  Entrepreneurs are critical thinkers about their businesses.  They continue to try new ways to achieve the goals that they have set forth and then push a little more.  What works today might not work tomorrow.  You can bring the knowledge from one business to another but the landscape changes.  That is what makes building companies so exciting.  

I am not so sure that curiosity killed the cat.